Bitcoin1 aims to open up opportunities for those who work in global markets where the remittance industry takes a large percentage of their money. Bitcoin1 will open up opportunities for those in poverty-stricken countries without access to banking services. Bitcoin will remove many of the problems associated with no longer having access to bank accounts and relying on payday lenders and check-cashing services that can take up to 30% of their already meagre income.

Bitcoin1 has the potential to revolutionize a range of sectors where trust is needed among parties with misaligned interests.

The coin is widely spreading its network to play a vital role in the entertainment industry by trading non fungible tokens (NFT’s) of most appreciated movie dialogues and celebrities giving a new way to the investors and fans to connect with the entertainment industry. The coin would be primarily used to trade talent Nft’s providing a new scope of investments for rising talents.

Globally, the supply chain industry is fragmented – with many parties operating in silos. Bitcoin1 aims to play a vital Role in supply chain and partners with Novuszilla, presenting a technology that would have far-reaching implications for global trade and supply chains – bringing standardization, alignment and transparency.

Bitcoin1 will be completely traceable while protecting privacy. Such technology will aid in reducing corruption. If large-scale money transfers are linked to organized crime or other forms of corruption, the ability to trace, freeze, and seize Bitcoin1 will enable the imposition of controls to mitigate money laundering and ensure that it is not designed to promote anarchy. On the contrary, it is designed to ensure that anarchy fails.