Q.1 : What is the total supply of Bitcoin1?
A.1 : 250 Millions.
Q.2 : Can the supply of the coin be increased?
A.2 : The supply of coins cannot be increased more than the Market capital, neither by the users or by the founders who developed the coin.
Q.3 : Which network is Bitcoin1 deployed on?
A.3 : It is deployed on Binance Smart chain.
Q.4 : How is Bitcoin1 related to company NOVUSZILLA?
A.4 : Bitcoin1 has partnered with Novuszilla and gives a percentage stake to the company.
Q.5 : How can the user buy coins: Bitcoin1?
A.5 : "The user can buy the coin by following steps-

1. Signing up on www.bitcoin1.live
2. If you don’t have a referal id, you can use admin’s ID = 6050846709
3. Once the ID is created the user needs to remember their user ID and password
4. Go to Recharge wallet, select your package of Bitcoin1 - You will automatically get the Number of usdt you need to deposit to get the selected amount of Bitcoin1 in your Premium wallet.
5. Press the green button ‘PAY’, a USDT wallet scanner and address will appear on your screen. This is a binance network USDT wallet address.
6. You need to deposit USDT of binance network. Once done, upload a screenshot of your transaction.
7. Your request is submitted, within 60 Minutes your Premium wallet will be recharged with the selected Bitcoin1 amount.


8. Once you get Bitcoin1 amount in your Premium wallet, go to ‘ACTIVATION’ in the menu.
9. You will see the balance amount in your Premium wallet which you can use to recharge your customer ID with the desired package.
10. Press ‘ACTIVATE’ and your ID will be activated automatically.
11. You will start getting your daily Returns from the next day of activating the package.
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Q.6 : How can a person enroll in Referral System?

-Once you get Bitcoin1 amount in your Premium wallet, go to ‘ACTIVATION’ in the menu.
-You will see the balance amount in your Premium wallet which you can use to recharge your customer ID with the desired package.
-Press ‘ACTIVATE’ and your ID will be activated automatically.
-You will start getting your daily Returns from the next day of activating the package.
Q.7 : In how much time the person can recover the invested amount in the referral system?
A.7 : As the referreral system is not an investment return option; while in initial launching offer all participants can get daily Bitcoin1 bonus in their wallet and within a period of 3 Months(Min) to 6 Months(Max) the principle value can be recovered.
Q.8 : Benefits and Future aspects of buying Bitcoin1?
A.8 : Bitcoin1 is coming with its own blockchain network which would be known as Bitcoin1 Smart chain, the gas fees would be transfered in Bitcoin1 which will further appreciate the price of Bitcoin1. The Bitcoin1 smart chain would be used in numerous sectors multiplying the demand of Bitcoin1 in the market. According to the bnb analysis the coin can be appreciated to a value of approximately $200 within an year of the launch of expected projects on Bitcoin1’s Smart chain.
Q.9 : Future appreciation of Bitcoin1 and why should I invest in Bitcoin1?
A.9 : Expected Appreciation at the time of launch of Bitcoin1’s blockchain Network- $170.
Q.10 : Why is Bitcoin1 said to bring revolution to the system and how is it different from other coins?
A.10 : Bitcoin1 is the mode through which one can participate in an automated system, where users can put their conditions and proceed the smart contract automatically.
Q.11 : On which exchange will the coin be available on?
A.11 : Novuszilla Exchange, BuyuCoin, Pancakeswap, Binance, CoinDCX, etc.
Q.12 : What is Currenct rate of Bitcoin1?
A.12 : In Pre-ICO Phase (current period) the rate of 1 Bitcoin1 is 7 $ (USD).
Q.13 : What will the listing price band of Bitcoin1?
A.13 : The Listing price band of Bitcoin1 will be: 14 $ USD to 18 $ USD
Q.14 : Does Bitcoin1 have any smart contract ?
A.14 : Bitcoin1 is deployed on binance smart chain, Mentions about all the supply and protocols followed by Bitcoin1.
Q.15 : What does governance or legality look likes on Bitcoin1?
A.15 : "Bitcoin1 works on a fully automated decentralized finance based system, Bitcoin1 works on the principle of elimination of third party and no third party can interrupt the working of Bitcoin1.
As Bitcoin1 will be introducing with its own blockchain network, the smart chain would be a public network and any user can work on Bitcoin1 smart chain, processing as a validator."
Q.16 : When Bitcoin1 will be listed?
A.16 : The proposed date of listing Bitcoin1 coin is 15th July 2023.
Q.17 : How are the price of Bitcoin1 will be calculated?
A.17 : The price is calculated on the basis of market utilities of the coin Bitcoin1.
Q.18 : What is market capitalization and how it is calculated?
A.18 : Market cap—or market capitalization—refers to the total value of all a company's shares stock or coins stock (crypto).
Q.19 : What is the difference between ; Total Supply” and “Max Supply”?
A.19 : The total supply and the Max supply of the coin is same.
Q.20 : How should I store my Bitcoin1 coins?
A.20 : The Bitcoin1 coins should be stored in Novuszilla crypto wallet, as it is one of the safest crypto platform to store cryptocurrency of any networks.
Q.21 : What payment do you accept against Bitcoin1?
A.21 : We accept USDT based on BSC chain due to its security and low gas fees.
Q.22 : What is company’s mission?
A.22 : Bitcoin1 aims to eliminate third party and bring the world on automation.
Q.23 : Where can I buy n sell Bitcoin1 near me?
A.23 : You can contact the support for assistance or trade on www.bitcoin1.live
Q.24 : Where can I stake my Bitcoin1?
A.24 : You can contact the support for assistance or stake on www.bitcoin1.live.
Q.25 : Where can I find technical document of Bitcoin1 ?
A.25 : At Download section on our website www.bitcoin1.live
Q.26 : How much is the transaction fee on Bitcoin1?
A.26 : There is No transaction fees applicable on Bitcoin1 transactions.
Q.27 : How Is Bitcoin1 Development Funded?
A.27 : Through the pre booking phase and ICO.